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This bracket is an easy install, and will greatly increase the strength of your arch. Sometimes the glass of your boat can be a little thin where the arch needs to be mounted. This can cause the arch to shake some.
With these stand offs, you can eliminate any of that shake. All parts as always machined from aluminum. Sold as a single or a pair.

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6 reviews for Arch Stand Off

  1. B. Stewart

    With side mounts On a walk around cabin side, they are a” must have” if your fiberglass is thin, as most are there. on mine they really help side to side stability –which is poor without them , even though fore aft is very strong. I have had center bolts back out and drop spacer washers on deck even though were torqued tightly, so I plan on using a stronger version of locktite and maybe a lockwasher in the shim stack. transverse bolt cant be tightened while fore aft bot is in place making periodic check retorque untenable.

  2. John Harrison

    They help stabilize the arch

  3. erin odonnell

    Great prices and very good quality. Thanks.

  4. Rich Galardi

    Great Quality! Nice People, Super Service Just a perfect Company to do business with!

  5. Joseph B Weber

    I bought the Arch Stand offs thinking I might not need them and may return them……Then I thought why not, I paid for them what could it hurt. With some modifications, I installed them but with my own much larger backing plates to help displace any energy they absorbed…..OH man did that extra strength/support came in handy keeping the arch from swaying back and forth during some really rough seas on the pacific ocean this last Salmon season. They are a must for any one who fishes during all kinds of weather.

  6. Frank gentile

    I just added a pair to my Capt. Package and it’s now solid as a rock. I would say add a pair. They are a great addition. Next, will be for and aft led lights. Can’t wait!

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