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  • *Must Select Clamp Size

    The clamp size is determined by the outside diameter of the tube.  Measure the circumference of your tube where the clamp will mount, and divide the diameter by 3.14 to determine the outside pipe diameter.  For example, if the tube measures 6 inches around, then 6 divided by 3.14 equals 1.91.  Your tube outside diameter is 1.91" and that is the correct clamp to choose.

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  • 2.125” Inside Diameter for those larger telescoping nets.
  • Available in .875-1.00” 1.33” 1.66” 1.91” and 2.375” clamps.
  • Fully anodized.


How to Measure to Get Clamp Size

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Clamp Diameter

(.875-1.00"), (1.33"), (1.66"), (1.91" Arch-Tube), (2.375" Arch-Center-Tube)

7 reviews for Net Holder

  1. Tom Reed

    Great product. Clamped it to the leg of my leaning post for a super convenient gaff holder. I split a section of clear tubing and put it on the leg before I mounted the holder–doesn’t move regardless of the pressure put on it–really solid. Only suggestion would be to offer products in a ‘polished’ finish or at least a lighter brushed finish to match the aluminum in most boats.

  2. John

    Net holder is well designed and looks good as all Fish On Sports products are. Highly recomended.

  3. Ross V

    Very solid and great looking net holder. MADE IN MICHIGAN!!!

  4. Ryan

    I purchased the net holder and it is a really good buy. It is great that it can be adjusted for any angle and it fits perfect on my radar arch.

  5. Mark stuthard

    I have 16 rod clamp on holders 4 of witch have not bin mounted yet but 12 have bin an 1 on top of 8,the only compliant is Corrosion I like the 4 bolt by far over the off brand 2 bolt holders.I put Hockey grip tape on rail before mounting an ANTI SEZ on all the bolts.I have told 10 buddys about this brand thanks mar,ill send pixs.

  6. Thomas Schnell

    Ordered two FishOnSports net holders. Product quality is great. Shipped extremely fast. Needed to exchange the clamp because I had ordered the wrong size. They were great to work with with. Outstanding customer service, So impressed ordered two rod holders to go along with the net holders!

  7. Mike Phillips

    Great quality, fit, and finish. I recommende this product.

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