Uni Fishing Boat Arch Visor Combo

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  • Select mounting width here btw 55-80 inches.

    Select mounting width here btw 85-100 inches.

    Select mounting width here btw 105-125 inches.

    Sunbrella Visor Color

    Mount Type

    Additional Rod Holders

    Add Light Set (2 Lights Per Set)

    Add Net Holder

    Add Radar Pad

    Upgrade to Captains Package

    • If you add the captains package, anything you selected above will be in addition to the items included in the Captain's Package.
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  • Same great Uni Fishing Boat Arch With Front Visor. One great price.
  • The Uni Fishing Boat Arch can be ordered from 48″ to 136″ wide with +/- 3″ of adjustment.
  • 59″ Tall (Deck to the underside of the arch) and can be trimmed as much as 15″ shorter.
  • Very strong and usable unit, built from 2″ diameter, schedule 40, anodized aluminum tube.
  • Includes backing plates, breakaway mounting hardware, and 4 bolt-on adjustable rod holders.
  • You can add additional bolt-on rod holders and mount them where you need, just like the 4 stock ones which are included.  Or get the arch and ad extras later.
  • Unit weighs roughly 80lbs depending on the width chosen this can vary some.
  • The Uni Arch is designed with hollow tubing all the way through giving you the capability to run and hide wires internally.
  • Pick from two different style mounts “side or deck” based on the design of your boat manufacturer.
  • The Uni Arch is designed to fold down in a matter of minutes.
  • Package With Visor Includes:
    – 1 Uni Arch with matching Visor.
    – 4 Bolt on Rod Holders
    – 7 different Sunbrella canvas colors to choose from.  USA Sunbrella(TM) stain-resistant, mildew-resistant, and fade-resistant fabric.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to call 1-888-675-6850.
  • Proudly made in Toledo, OH.
  • 5-Year Warranty


Consider Upgrading to the Captain’s Package giving you a total of:
8 – Bolt on Rod Holders Part# 107
1 – Light Bracket Set (Lights Sold Separately) Part # 100-13
2 – Quick Swivel Rod Holders Part# 180
1 – Net Holder Part# 109
A $659.55 value for $385.95

Additional information

Weight100 lbs

4 reviews for Uni Fishing Boat Arch Visor Combo

  1. B. Stewart

    For best results Put the arch on very square and level, measure everything carefully and then the visor will mount nicely. Buy the package and you get a great deal because includes everything most boats want and need., You don’t need to be a tube welder or fabricator to get excellent results.
    If you have a walk-around with thinner cabin sides and side mounts order the brace option ,
    also if you do night fishing or running, order an extra set of light brackets so you can put both deck and forward lights , I bought enough to mount side lights as well. you ant have too many rodhodlers on a fishing boat so get some extras when you order and save shipping . I later added Quick tilt hand bolts. I will get the cup holder and the high intensity LED light next.
    you will need to get about 16 ss mounting bolts, 16 SS nuts at the hardware store for the mounts so plan on another 15-20 bucks for incidentals, sealer, washers, wire if you do lights and+ the cost of lights, switches& fuses .you obtain elsewhere Sunbrella seems to shed water instantly and not stay wet. color looks good and finish is great. arch is very strong.

  2. Brett Barnhart

    Very nice. Hard to believe that something this size came out of a small box. I put this together in about 2 hours by myself , will need my boys to help mount. Tech support is great. It will be another 6 weeks before I can mount this and get the canvas ordered. I looked around quite a bit and found this to be the best deal. Nothing even on Craigslist can beat this. Can’t wait to get this on my boat. I have a WAC with the width being measured at 72″, I bought the 80″ because I can always take some off but not add. Once the mounting hardware was on and arch was all together, it was spot on 72″ mount to mount inside measurements. Cool!

  3. Joe

    Photos of finished arch and visor combo, what a great product, as a former
    tool and die maker when i seen the great machining and welding i was
    presently suprised. Very hard to find such great quality at such a fair
    price. well worth the money. Will highly recomend your product to anyone
    with a boat. Thanks, Joe

  4. Jason Gallienne

    I’m still in the process of installing my visor, the product itself is fantastic and the customer support is great from Don thankfully as you might need it. Directions on how to install this are worse than any IKEA project :). Seriously you’re kind of on your own so it’s a good thing Don makes himself so available. A couple of my parts also came not drilled so that is making it more difficult as well as I need to do my own holes. Definitely a two person job, and MAKE SURE not to use all the bolts provided and tighten everything down because the articulating ends are a pain to imagine where they need to be adjusted to until everything is together, then you will need to unscrew everything to do a final tightening of the end pieces. I was also send the wrong parts for my arch and missing parts so that was another delay but luckily Don helped me through it all. Still a great buy but not without the PIA factor that’s for sure.

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